The Global Peace Train

Global Peace Train is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in 2009 and one of the first nonprofits to accept cryptocurrency donations. We empower grassroots leaders and deliver the needed resources for them to pursuit personal, community and global transformation. We integrate altruistic action with storytelling, compelling high tech media, blockchain, cryptocurrency, epic art and experiential live events that produce global and social change in collaboration with the Presentville Game.

Pilot Communities:

The three communities we work with are diverse for a reason, we believe if we can make our model work with such diverse populations from very different cultures then it can be used anywhere with any population. We currently work to empower women in Kenya through microlending and business development and offer scholarships for children to attend school. We also work with the homeless population in the US helping create innovative solutions to housing and mental health support, and we help the Lakota people on the Pine Ridge Reservation share their traditional arts and wisdom with the world and build an economy.

The Presentville Game

The Presentville Game is a personal development game, which is played in the real world, on a smart phone, online, in virtual and augmented reality. The game uses character development and costume play for personal empowerment and real world benefit. During live events, players embody avatars in costumes and play interactive real world quests. The game is designed to create global and social change through personal empowerment and altruistic action and is based on the vision of freeing all beings from suffering.

Presentville Players have established an international group of real people and animals that are characters in the game who we call Presentville Players. Those characters accomplish Presentville Quests, which are real world missions that players must complete in order to move through the game. Presentville itself is the game world that mixes the real world and animated world for Players to accomplish various quests that create real world change.

In the Presentville Game, the Global Peace Train delivers needed resources to Presentville Players and helps them move through their quests. The train is currently connecting the Tribal Traditions of the Lakota Sioux service car that focuses on empowering the most impoverished population in the US.

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