Script Writer for a Short Film

We are looking for an experienced scriptwriter to complete a script by a Lakota Medicine Man on the Pine Ridge Reservation. We have filmed the Medicine Man telling the story that the script will follow, began writing the initial scenes, and started the storyboard. The script is a blend of modern life, ancient Lakota spirituality with an overtone of science fiction.

We are looking for a scriptwriter to work with our Executive Director to finish the script. This is a volunteer role and will take approximately 5-10 hours per week until the script is complete. The project will likely run 4-8 weeks total.

Film Description: Ghost Dance is a Lakota story that bridges modern-day life and a no man’s land, the Badlands of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Strange lights reported by the media over the Badlands sparks the interest of an anthropologist who begins an investigation to bring answers about the mystical phenomena.


The right candidate is detail-oriented, gifted at screenwriting, and a self-starter. They are: 

  • Able to balance storytelling and technical elements of scriptwriting
  • Able to write a compelling Film Treatment
  • Have a talent for creating dialog that is natural and interesting at the same time
  • Able to develop multiple plot lines
  • Able to understand structure within scenes, sequences, and acts
  • Able to be able to develop realistic characters who we care about
  • Able to be able to clearly convey character motivations and actions
  • Able to be able to write with realism
  • Able to write scenes with reversals that move the story forward
  • Able to write script dialogue with subtext
  • Are able to be innovative, take risks, and push boundaries
  • Able to understand pacing
  • Have  a clean and simple writing style
  • Able to show not tell and write visually for the screen

The project is written in Google Docs with the Fountainize add-on and will require a computer, internet, and familiarity with Google Docs.

Not Required, but of great value:

The ideal candidate has a passion for science fiction and traditional Native American spirituality. Experience living on indigenous reservations or within a First Nations family would be the cherry on top!

TO APPLY: Click Here to complete the application. DUE OCTOBER 15th, 2021

3D Content Creator & Programmer

The right candidate is detail-oriented, a gifted artist, and a self-starter. The core competency is generating and manipulating 3D content using javascript. We are looking for someone who:

  • Is comfortable coding in Javascript
  • Has experience working with 3D models, avatars, and environments
  • Is capable of generating and manipulating 3D content through code
  • Has an artistic eye and the ability to create content that harmonizes with the visual aesthetic of the rest of the avatars, environments, and overall game

The project will require a desktop or laptop and access to the internet. Access to a VR headset isn’t required but is an integral part of this project. The ideal candidate will have an Oculus Quest 1 or 2 with hand-tracking capabilities. We are looking for someone to volunteer 5-10 hours a week until the first environment is complete with the possibility to continue volunteering for other scenes.

Not required, but of great value:

  • Has strong math skills - specifically 3D math 
  • Experience with PHP
  • Experience with three.js and web XR
  • Talent for game development
TO APPLY: Click Here to complete the application.
DUE OCT. 15, 2021