Become a Star

This quest is one of the more demanding and elaborate quests. You will create your own inner light and dark characters and battle them to the death in the cartoon world to give birth to your unique Integrated character who steps into the lime light in a custom made outfit to share their gifts with the world.

Have You Ever Felt:

Like you were born to change the world? or "save" the world?

Like you want to be the most empowered version of yourself possible?

Like you have a side of yourself that you hide from the world because it is too "bad" or "ugly" to be shared?

Like you are bound by your habitual patterns or old wounds?

This Quest Helps You:

Step into your power which comes from integrating the light and dark aspects of yourself

Discover the part of yourself that is honest, down to earth and able to create lasting transformation

Begin to experience "Who You Really Are" so you can make life choices from that place instead of old habits

See the higher and lower expressions of both your light and dark characters so you can determine when you are acting out of your wisdom and when you are stuck in your neurosis.


Step 1:
You will begin by brain storming your inner light and dark characters. Ask yourself questions of both characters separately, like: if your light/dark character was an animal which animal would it be? Would it be in human form? Or would it be in the form of some inanimate object? What is it wearing? Does he/she have a name? What are his/her super powers?
Step 2:
Once you know your two characters you will want to begin to purchase or make your costumes. These two will become the characters that will enter the cartoon world for their battle.
Step 3:
Once your costumes are complete, get completely dressed up including face paint, masks, accessories or any other details that are important for these two characters and have someone take photos of you wearing both of your outfits.
Step 4:
Send your favorite photos of both your light and dark costumes in so we can guide you to the next part of this quest. Submit your photos by emailing them to

Submit Your Photos

After you complete your action items from the instructions above, you will be ready to submit your progress and schedule your first interview with one of our Guides. Send photos to