Have You Ever Felt:

Like you give and give to others and forget to care for yourself?

Resentment for helping others when you really wanted to say no?

Like you are bound by your habitual patterns or old wounds?

Like you can’t make enough money to support yourself doing what you love most?

Even though you are committed to change you can’t find the discipline to move forward?

Discover Tools to Help You:

Feel what it is like to be who you are and have the world support you so you can relax into your life as it flows naturally.

Follow your dreams and make money being who you really are.

Manifest the resources you need to share your unique gifts with the world.

Make the world a better place and get paid to be who you are.

Remembering Quest

This product delivers the complete Indestructible Innocence and Letting Go Quests as well as a set of instructional videos and a printable workbook to guide you through unwrapping the gifts you were born to share with the world, while focusing on helping you balance serving the world with your talents and caring for yourself. THIS IS A SELF GUIDED PRODUCT. If you would like to have a real person guide you through the process check out our Custom Quests.

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  • Letting Go
  • Remembering
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