Quest 1

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Welcome to your Quest 1

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Enter the number next to the issue you find most drawn to:

Guiding others (Jezebel) (5)
Letting go of who others think you are (Dollface/giraffe) (2)
Healing your body and/or mind (Rainbow/present) (1)
Discovering your inner wisdom (Hat/star) (3)
Poverty (Hedgehog) (4)
Enter the number next to the one thing you experience the most:

Helping guide people who are struggling to the things they need (Jezebel) (5)
Sharing your talents and gifts with the world and/or teaching (Hat/star) (3)
Feeling confused about what you are supposed to do with your life (Dollface/giraffe) (2)
Seeking pleasure, stuggling with addiction, health issues, or other ailments (rainbow/present) (1)
Experiencing abundance, my life is flowing nicely and I feel blessed (Hedgehog) (4)
As you grow into a happier life what would your most preferred form of travel be? Enter the number beside your answer:

Flying on a magic carpet (Rainbow/present) (1)
in the most direct way possible (Dollface/giraffe) (2)
Appearing anywhere with only a thought (Hat/star) (3)
By swinging from rope to rope in the sky (Hedgehog) (4)
Following a guide through a magical pathway (Jezebell) (5)
Which superpower do you feel the most drawn to:

Healing others with a single touch (present)(1)
Shape Shifting (dollface)(2)
Telepethy and/or direct connection to a higher universal power (Hat/star)(3)
Manifesting anything you can imagine in an instant (Hedgehog)(4)
Making people happy (deer)(5)
Pick one of the following words you are stuggling with most in your life:
Poverty (Hedgehog)(4)
Being Wounded/your own health and wellbeing (Rainbow/present)(1)
You don't know why you were born (Hat/star)(3)
Confusion/Putting too much effort into being someone society, family or friends have told you to be and not knowing exactly who you are yourself (Dollface/giraffe)(2)
Taking care of yourself (Jesibell)(5)
Pick one of the topics below that you would like to bring into your life most:
Abundance- hedgehog
Healing your body or mind or both- rainbow/present
Being yourself or discovering who you really are -giraffe/dollface
Sharing your gifts and talents with others -Star
Discovering your gifts/talents that you brought to share with the world- deer
Heart ChracterJesiBell

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