Quest 1: Begin Where You Are

(8-10 Minutes)

Welcome to the first Presentville Quest! There are five different paths that lead from this moment into Presentville. This questionnaire will guide you to the path you are ready to play. We all have our own unique path and process into Presentville and will be ready for different characters at different times. No character is better than the others, they simply help you where you are now so you can have the most success in your growth and transformation.

This process is a gift of generosity for those of pure heart who wish to help our world overcome suffering. Global Peace Train is a nonprofit and donations help us continue to offer our programs as gifts, if at any time you wish to gift something back you can visit our donations page.

What to Expect as a Presentville Player

  • Complete the questionnaire on the following page
  • Score your answers
  • You will be guided to your first action items for your quest
  • After you complete your first action step, you will be invited to your first video interview
  • During the first video interview (which will be recorded and held in a secret vault until it is approved by YOU for sharing) we will gather the beginning of your story and offer you the next steps of your quest. This first interview usually takes 20-40 minutes.
  • Once you complete your next step, you will be ready for another interview which will help us build your story and give your further action steps to complete before your next video session.
  • Every Character will have a unique number of recorded video sessions to track their story as they enter Presentville and board the Global Peace Train.
  • Once you are ready to officially enter Presentville you must travel to one of our studio locations to film your entrance on Green Screen and begin to tell your story in the cartoon world.
  • It is a great accomplishment to board the Global Peace Train, only those with the purest hearts make it. For once aboard the train, there is no longer any way to hide who you are, you arrive on the train to bring benefit to countless beings who are struggling, once aboard you will have the opportunity to share your unique gifts with the world.

Begin by entering your name and email

1) Put your name and email on this list
2) Check your email to confirm subscription
3) You will be guided to the first quest from the first email