Quest 1: Begin Where You Are

Question 1:

Supplies: Paper and Pen
Write down the number below the character that you feel most drawn to. Use your intuition as your guide.






Question 2:

Write down the number next to the issue do you find most drawn to:

Guiding others (5)
Letting go of who others think you are (2)
Healing your body and/or mind (1)
Discovering your inner wisdom (3)
Overcoming Poverty (4)

Question 3:

Write down the number next to the experience you have most frequently:

Guiding others who are struggling to the things they need most (5)
Sharing your gifts with the world or teaching (3)
Feeling confused about what you are supposed to do with your life (2)
Seeking pleasure, struggling with addiction, health issues, or other ailments (1)
Experiencing abundance, my life is flowing nicely and I feel blessed (4)

Question 4:

As you travel towards greater happiness what would your favorite way to travel be?

Flying on a magic carpet (1)
In the most direct way possible (2)
Appearing anywhere with only a thought (3)
By swinging from rope to rope in the sky (4)
Following a guide through magical paths (5)

Question 5:

Which superpower do you feel the most drawn to:

Healing others with a single touch (1)
Shape Shifting (2)
Manifesting anything you can imagine in an instant (4)
Telepethy and/or direct connection to a higher universal power (3)
Making people happy (5)

Question 6:

What are you struggling with most in your life:

Poverty (4)
Being Wounded/your own health and wellbeing (1)
You don't know why you were born (3)
Confusion/Putting too much effort into being someone society, family or friends have told you to be and not knowing exactly who you are yourself (2)
Taking care of yourself (5)

Question 7:

Pick the topic below that you would like to bring into your life most:

Abundance (3)
Healing your body or mind or both (1)
Being yourself or discovering who you really are (2)
Sharing your gifts and talents with others (3)
Discovering your gifts/talents that you brought to share with the world (5)


Look over all your answers and click on the number you chose most. This will guide you to the next step of your quest. If there is more than one number with the most answers pick the next step that excites you most.