Joy 1 Year of School


Joy Leah Auma was born February 23rd, 2014 and is ready for school! Joy is a deep and kind spirit and is very observant. She loves helping her mother cook and her favorite shoes are boots.



Joy Leah Auma is ready to go to school but like many children in Kenya may never have the opportunity to attend school without the help of generous sponsors. Unlike the US, it cost's around $300 to send a child to school for the year. If you're looking for a gift that lasts a lifetime and literally changes lives, consider helping Joy attend school for the year! Every donation for school is tax deductible for US citizens. If you would rather make payments directly to the school instead of through our nonprofit email or call us and we will put you in contact directly!

Joy's mother works with Leah Auma Okeyo the most active Presentville Player in Kenya. In fact, Leah is such a wonderful mentor and inspiration that Joy was named after her! Leah is working tirelessly to empower women in Kissumu Kenya. Leah's organization PACHO focuses on community change through Empowering women and girls. Leah helps women and girls step into leadership. Taking charge of their own lives and communities. She helps them turn dreams of education into reality. Women are gradually using Leah's trainings to start local projects and businesses.