Event Overview: Art Basel, Miami 2016

Global Peace Train is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in 2009. We empower grassroots leaders and deliver the needed resources for them to pursuit community and global healing. We integrate storytelling with compelling high tech media, epic art and experiential live events that produce global and social change in collaboration with the Presentville Game.

Tribal Traditions is a Global Peace Train project. The project empowers Lakota women on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, to build an economy and share their culture with the world.

The Presentville Game is a personal development game, which is played in the real world and online though character development, live events, video production and storytelling. The game is designed to create global and social change through empowerment and altruistic action. The game team is planning to integrate Augmented Reality into the gaming experience during live events within the next year.

The Global Peace Train team has been working on this game for 8 years and has gathered an international group of real people and animals that have become characters in the game who we call Presentville Players. Those characters accomplish Presentville Quests,which are real world missions that players must complete in order to move through the cartoon world. Presentville itself is the game world that mixes the real world and animated world for Players to accomplish various quests.

In the Presentville Game, the Global Peace Train delivers needed resources to Presentville Players and helps them move through their quests.

Next Live Event December 1st and 2nd 2016, Art Basel in Miami, FL.

Global Peace Train, Tribal Traditions and the Presentville Game will share a traditional Lakota Give Away Ceremony called a Wopila lead by Presentville Player Germaine Moves Camp from Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota and 3 other Presentville Players from Boulder Co. Tips and Instructions Below.

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Presentville Players who will be part of the Dec. Event:

Michaela Borth is one of the Leading Presentville Players. She is currently playing several Presentville Quests and is one of two qualified Deer for live events. Michaela is the first player of over 100 to make it aboard the Global Peace Train in the cartoon world.

Aja Duniven is the founder and Executive Director of Global Peace Train and the creator of the Presentville Game. She also plays each quest along side the other Presentville Players.

Dan Adams is the current Engineer on the Global Peace Train, he plays the Bear and is responsible for connecting new train cars, picking up new passengers and delivering resources to players. He is the only other player aboard the Global Peace Train.

Germaine Moves Camp is a Lakota Grandmother from Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. She has been working with Global Peace Train since 2010 to empower her community and was one of the founding members of the Tribal Traditions project.

  • How to Participate

    Begin by finding the Deer at the predetermined time and location and offer her the passphrase to recieve your ticket

  • When will the Passphrase and location be available?

    We will post the passphrase, time and location 1 week prior to the event, or sign up above to receive an email with details (be sure to check your junk folder and approve your subscription)

  • 30-40 Tickets Available

    We have 30-40 tickets available for the show Dec. 1st and participants must receive tickets from the Deer the evening of the event using the passphrase

  • Dec. 2nd

    December 2nd will be a modern version of a traditional Feast that goes along with a Wopila. This will be a potluck for anyone who participated in the event or would like to meet some of the Presentville Players

  • Unlock the Gift of Honor

    Less than 1/3 of the tickets will be given to participants who bring someone who they would like to honor. Someone who has greatly benefited one or many, someone who has accomplished great things and gone unrecognized, or someone who simply deserves to be honored for their dedication to living their life for the benefit of others.

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