Presentville is the digital game world where players board the Global Peace Train, meet world-changing avatars, and learn about Global Peace Train projects. Players can access Presentville in 2D or 360 videos, during in-person immersive art experiences, or in the virtual world through a virtual reality headset or augmented reality device.



Characters that are part of the Presentville Game are called Avatars. In technical terms, an avatar is defined as a 2D or 3D graphical representation of a user's persona or character. From a spiritual perspective, an avatar is the material appearance or incarnation of a deity (divine being/god/goddess) on Earth.

Presentville Avatars are created through a proprietary process using toys and costumes. Each Avatar has a story to tell and is branded to create solutions for one or more of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Once an Avatar gains popularity within the Presentville Game, it is uploaded into the virtual worlds where other players can become the Avatar or contribute to the cause it endorses.

Presentville Players


Presentville Players are real people and animals that help tell the stories of Global Peace Train and our projects. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming one of the Avatars or creating a new one:

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