The Deer

This quest helps you balance self care and care for others.

Have You Ever Felt:

Like you are consistently helping others but when you need help, no one is around?

Like you often are sick or not operating at your highest potencial?

Like you are better at helping others but when it comes to caring for yourself you don't know where to start?

Like your health and happiness suffer because you often put the needs of others before your own?

Like you don't even know what your needs are?

This Quest Helps You:

Begin to balance self care with care for others

Helps you determine your personal needs so they can be met

Align yourself with your inner power through self care

Let go of who others want you to be so you can be who you really are


Step 1:
This quest has multiple steps so you can choose where to begin: 1)Discover you indestructible Innocence OR 2) Let go of who others want you to be. You will do both of these smaller quests in order to move into the next phase of the Deer quest. It can be a lot to bite off, so begin with the one that you are most excited about. Click the buttons below to begin.

Submit Your Photos

After you complete both the Innocence and Letting Go quest from the instructions above, you will be ready to submit your progress and schedule your first interview with one of our Guides. Send photos to