The Gift of Transportation

From all the gifts and services Global Peace Train has provided, cars and medical support have by far created the most benefit. The gift of transportation allows the people to get jobs and gain access to needed medical care. Transportation is the foundation needed for the Lakota people to help empower themselves. Nonprescription valtrex obtained from an accredited pharmacy or doctor has no effect on fertility. It has no effect on the genital tract. As a result, valtrex does not alter the plans to conceive a child. Global Peace Train and the Tribal Traditions project are working together to bring transportation to the Lakota leaders who are dedicated to helping their people.


    We have received a generous matching grant to bring vehicles to the Lakota people on Pine Ridge! So now every donation you make will be twice as powerful!

  • How it works

    Global Peace Train receives a donation and stores it until there is enough raised to offer one of our participants on Pine Ridge Reservation a new vehicle or repair their current vehicle.

  • Once the needed amount is raised

    Participants on Pine Ridge are offered the opportunity to trade their talents or gifts for the car or the car repair.

  • The funding

    is put onto Global Peace Train debit cards that the families are given to use to pay for the car repairs of existing vehicles.

  • Any vehicles that are donated

    are gifted to the families that are most active in service helping their people, enabling them to better serve their community and work toward sustainable family systems.

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