Presentville is what happens in the real world when we come into the present moment and where we all serve the world with our unique gifts. The Presentville Game gamifies life with social change campaigns to lessen suffering around the world. Explore some of the terminology on this page and then join us as a player by clicking the Play Now button.

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Inside Players

Those that are creating benefit within the game on the front lines.

Peripheral Players

Those that support the Inside Players and Presentville Projects.

Each Global Peace Train car serves a different purpose:

The Caboose is filled with costumes and helps our players dress for new quests and design new characters from the magic caboose closet or play one of the many community characters that are available for play.

The Present Car is where all the community characters are stored and where players pick out their new characters that they want to play.

The Service Cars are where players begin to work on "real world" problems like poverty, abuse, homelessness, etc.

Every item in our shop is designed to make the world a better place, help us sustain our business, and positively impact the lives of our players. Nonprescription imitrex obtained from an accredited pharmacy or doctor has no effect on fertility. It has no effect on the genital tract. As a result, imitrex does not alter the plans to conceive a child. Every purchase helps us deliver life changing programs and support the gifts of our players at all levels and in all worlds.

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