Indestructible Innocence Quest

This Indestructible Innocence Quest helps you gain access to the part of yourself that has always been unwounded and is never stuck. There is no one else qualified to gift this experience to you other than you!

Have You Ever Felt:

Like you want to be the most empowered version of yourself possible?

Like you want to grow but feel stuck by your circumstances?

Like you are bound by your habitual patterns or old wounds?

Like you are stuck in a way of being that you can't seem to grow past?

This Quest Helps You:

Access the part of yourself that has always been unwounded

Discover the part of yourself that is never stuck

Begin to experience "Who You Really Are" so you can make life choices from that place instead of old habits

Give yourself the gift that only you can give... Your own Indestructible Innocence


Step 1:
You will begin by finding a toy, figure, stuffed animal, etc that represents your Indestructible Innocence. That means you will need to feel back to a time you were "whole" or "unwounded" and look for the character that represents that part of yourself. Some participants find it helpful to look for a real photo of themselves at that age before they search out their toy. We suggest looking for your character around your home, at toy stores, thrift shops, doll hospitals, etc.
Step 2:
Once you have your character you will want to find a box or small container it will fit into.
Step 3:
Next take the box or container and make it into a RED gift with a YELLOW bow that can open and close without destroying it. Some people use paint, cloth, wrapping paper, and other art supplies to make the gift look and feel very special. Take your time, this may be the first gift you have ever offered to yourself, so make it really special! Make sure the gift can open and close over an over again so that you can access your character but it can be put back into the gift. Some people use velcro or the ribbon to hold the box closed.
Step 4:
Once your gift looks and feels just right you will take a photo of yourself with your character and gift and submit your photo by emailing it to

Submit Your Photo

After you complete your action items from the instructions above, you will be ready to submit your progress and schedule your first interview with one of our Guides. Send photos to