How To Finally Get Your Dog To Behave Without Anger and Frustration

Techniques that work with even the most challenging dogs

    When I started training my first dog named Rainbow Sparkle Pants, I began to potty train her with the help of a kennel. At first, I thought it was mean to keep her locked inside her kennel so much. But then when she was out for too long, she would potty on the floor instead of outside.

    I loved my new puppy but was frustrated cleaning up messes and struggling with her challenging behaviors. I realized I was in over my head and began the long grueling process of learning how to train a puppy. I spent dozens of hours watching videos, reading books, and taking her to classes.

    With consistent work, she learned all the basic commands and showed an interest in learning. It was terrific that Rainbow learned to "sit" and "stay" and "come" when called, jump into my arms, crawl, jump over agility obstacles and play dead when I shot her with my invisible gun.

    But I was at my wit's end, after three years she still wasn't potty trained completely. She would bark uncontrollably at everyone who walked through the door, pulled while walking, and pee on the carpet every time I came home.

    We had mastered the basic training commands, but the day to day activities generated ongoing stress and frustration at home and with my family. We finally hired another dog trainer to come to the house and work with Rainbow at home in our natural environment. That's when things took a positive turn.

    We began to see change; after three years, she finally quit going to the bathroom inside. She quit barking uncontrollably at visitors, quit pulling when we were walking, and quit peeing on the floor every time I came home.

    After four years of consistent training and thousands of dollars, I found myself with the "perfect" dog. People began to comment on how magnificent and well-behaved Rainbow was. I was thrilled we had accomplished so much together.

    Our sessions with the in-home trainers came to a close, but Rainbow was hungry for more. She wanted to continue learning and bonding with me during training time. And so our journey to turn her into a service dog and performer began. 

    I worked to understand Rainbow and how she communicates through body language and sounds. Using the tools we learned from all the different trainers and with some creativity, Rainbow became a performer in private homes and on theater stages.

    We trained other dogs together and worked in households with people struggling with mental illnesses like bipolar and autism. The benefit we were able to make in people's lives grew. I become a better human because of Rainbow, and she shared her healing gifts with those suffering from the symptoms of mental illness.

    During our time working in homes with people, I finally began to understand dog training as a form of personal development. I witnessed Rainbow point out imbalances in the individuals with whom she worked.

    After lots of practice and effort, Rainbow learned to alert our mental health teams to blood when one of our clients was cutting herself secretly. Alerting our team to blood became one of her skills that qualified her to become a Service Dog.

    Rainbow brought happiness and comfort to her clients in the hospital and urged her clients to further their personal development through training. And that is when I realized that dogs are a mirror for us to see where we are out of balance and point the way for human healing through dog training.

    I now see clearly that our dogs are teaching us just as much as we are training them! Now Rainbow and I train other dogs and humans using straightforward and compassionate techniques. We don't use harsh punishments like prong collars or shock collars, but rather teach the human and dog to communicate clearly with one another.

    I have finally compiled the techniques we use into a simple ebook so more families can benefit from these life-changing techniques.

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    Here's What People Are Saying...


    “Let any animal 'push your buttons.' Never, ever correct an animal out of anger or frustration. When you try to correct your dog out of anger, you are usually more out of control than your dog is. You are fulfilling your own needs, not the animal’s—and in a profoundly unhealthy way. Trust me, your dog will sense your unstable energy and often escalate her unwanted behavior instead. Remember, your dog is your mirror. The behavior you get back is usually, in some way, a reflection of your own.”
    ― Cesar Millan, Be the Pack Leader

    “Aja is an empathic dog trainer. Using the techniques in this book, she gets inside the head and emotions of the animal. Because of this, dogs respond to her immediately in a favorable way. I’ve seen her use these techniques with dogs who are aggressive, unsocialized dogs, and dogs who never learned how to walk on a leash properly. With these techniques, she turns these hard to work with dogs into cooperative gentle animals. Aja has the magic touch.” -Sara Dee Pet Sitter

    - Jennifer Allen

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    Here's Why I Spent Over $1,200 Just So I Could Learn These Skills...

    If I were to visit you and your dog and give you private one-on-one training, it would easily take 5 hours just to cover the basics... At $100 an hour that would turn into a pretty expensive day like most personal instruction.
    One of the reasons I can offer this system at this price is because I don't ship you anything. You will be able to download the book and bonuses and get started with training INSTANTLY!
    Because of that, I'm releasing How to Train Your Dog without Anger and Frustration at the lowest price possible...

    Here's Why This System Would Normally Cost $495...

    When I first got my dog, Rainbow Sparkle Pants, I loved her more than I thought possible. The amount of frustration that built up in the first three years of her life was leaking out during my interactions with Rainbow. I felt upset that she wouldn't listen and this led to us both feeling upset.
    Dogs want more than anything to please their #1 human, and when you are angry and frustrated, they feel it. I tried many different classes, books, and trainers before I discovered the gentle techniques that led to long term change. That change led to a significantly higher level of happiness and joy for Rainbow and Me and everyone who interacted with us.
    Let's face it, feeling angry and frustrated with your dog is terrible for the wellbeing and happiness of both.  That's why I want to make these techniques available for people at an affordable price. I want others to uncover the immense pleasure and joy that comes when humans and dogs understand each other and how to make one another happy.
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