Native American traditions and knowledge are being lost forever. Global Peace Train is dedicated to sharing Lakota wisdom with the world and providing needed resources and education to the Lakota people on Pine Ridge Reservation.

In 2021 we are producing a short film written by Dave Swallow, a Lakota Medicine Man on Pine Ridge Reservation. The film is a Lakota story that bridges modern-day life and a no man’s land, the Badlands of the Indian Reservation. Strange lights reported by the media over the Badlands sparks the interest of an anthropologist who begins an investigation with his colleagues to bring answers about the mystical phenomena.

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Presentville is the digital game world where players board the Global Peace Train, meet world-changing avatars, and learn about our projects. The Presentville Avatars are birthed through a proprietary community storytelling method that was developed through research conducted on 5 continents on how different cultures play and use stories for social benefit. Each avatar is branded for a different purpose like homelessness, women's empowerment, animal welfare, mental health, children's education, and beyond.

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Weeping Woman Avatar

The Weeping Woman avatar bears witness to suffering in the real world and inspires personal and global transformation. Her story is told through women, digital art, and live performances. The full-length documentary about this avatar and the many women who have already played her is in its second year of production. 

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Sammy Bear Avatar

Sammy Bear is an Avatar that creates solutions for affordable housing and homelessness. The 1st Sammy Bear Home is located in Boulder, Colorado, and has provided short and long-term affordable housing to 9 people and 5 pets since it was purchased in 2018.  The 2nd Sammy Bear Home prototype was built from scratch out of aircrete in 2019. We are now planning to build the full-sized sustainable home on the Pine Ridge Reservation with a Lakota Medicine Man and his family beginning in 2022.

Photo: Sammy Bear in the Presesentville Game World

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The fashion industry is the second-largest polluter in the world after the oil industry. Pratique is a slow fashion clothing line that designs costumes for real-world avatars like the Weeping Woman and Sammy Bear. Pratique uses natural dyes, sustainable fabrics, and secondhand cloth to create eco-friendly solutions that can be worn for a lifetime.