The Global Peace Train

Global Peace Train is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in 2009. We use extended reality technology (virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, and cinematic reality) to share important stories that inspire creativity and action towards problems like homelessness, animal welfare, women's empowerment, education, environmental pollution, and beyond.

We produce unforgettable immersive stories and experiences to engage the public and accelerate awareness and social impact. During in-person events, visitors meet branded avatars designed to address some of the world's greatest problems. Some participants choose to step inside the avatars in full costume and impact the direction of the story while others prefer to witness the story unfold as the audience.

We bring hands-on learning to communities that need it most by providing opportunities for individuals and groups to learn new skills. We teach sustainable building techniques, remodeling spaces, sustainable food production, video production as a medium for education, as well as skill sets like sewing, product development, and entrepreneurial education.

Join us in a creative world of storytelling and compelling technology where the power to make a difference is in your hands. 

We Organize Our Work Around These Goals:

  • Commerce for a Thriving Planet
  • Equality of ALL BEINGS
  • Health and Wellbeing as a right
  • Systems that Mimic and Protect Nature
  • Spirituality that Shares Wisdom and Welcomes All Beings into Heaven on Earth
  • Economic Development that Provides Living Wages to All and Weeds Out Corporate Greed

  • Sustainable Communities
  • Education for All
  • Technology that Propels us Towards a Thriving Future and Freedom from Oppression
  • Sustainable Housing
  • Local Food Systems to Feed All
  • Clean Water
  • Clean Energy
  • Peace and Justice