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Global Peace Train shares the stories of people as they overcome suffering and begin to lead their lives for the benefit of all beings. Our Characters work in communities that are struggling and help them find solutions to real world problems through social change campaigns. You can participate by attending an event, following the stories of real people as they navigate our cartoon world called Presentville, or even share your own story to inspire others to move beyond suffering and transform our world.

Live Events

Find your ticket for our next private experiential exhibit which promises to be a one of a kind event where you follow your heart into the tornado of transformation.

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Every player has a unique path towards the train and must accomplish unique quests before they board to help benefit all sentient beings.

1st Quest


For those that would like to sit back and enjoy the show, we invite you to become a sacred witness to the transformation of the characters you find most interesting.


Once Characters complete their inner quests they are invited to play in the Service Cars or create their own. Below are two of our Service Cars that follow the stories of empowered women as they create organizations to transform their communities from within.

Updates and Videos... Coming Soon!


Pacho began as a micro finance pilot program in the slums and became a women's empowerment movement.

Pine Ridge Reservation

Tribal Traditions began as a way to sell traditional star quilts online and became a healing journey.

Empowering peace-full leaders to share their wisdom for the benefit of all beings.