Global Peace Train is a 501 (c) 3 non profit branding and marketing organization that creates campaigns focused on compelling high tech media, characters that are changing the world, epic art and experiential live events that inspire global and social change. May all beings benefit!

Out of over 100 characters these two are the first into the cartoon world... Stay tuned for their real world journeys.

Follow your wisdom into our magical train. Read the statements below and enter the doorway that brings you the most excitement. Each doorway is linked to online quests that help you become who you were born to be and private live events that will reveal possibilities you never knew were possible.


I am ready to step into my power and face my inner lightness and darkness.

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I want to contribute to a character that will change the world.

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I want to support epic characters that are in service to their communities.

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Media that Changes Our World

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